Chortos‑2’s Anime Releases

All 10‑bit video has correct levels. All subtitles are ASS and compatible with all major renderers. Files for each anime are listed on a separate page (sorted by the original title):

Original TitleTranslated TitleOfficial English TitleSourceContainerVideoAudioSubtitles
アリソンとリリアAllison & LilliaAllison & LilliaDVD1MP410‑bit H.264AC‑3None
かみちゅ!Kamichu!2010 Japanese BDMatroska10‑bit H.264WavPack 4 losslessEnglish (edited Chuchuchuu),
Russian (edited DeGreez)
デジモンアドベンチャーDigimon AdventureDigimon Season 12015 Japanese BDMP410‑bit H.264something losslessNone
デジモンテイマーズDigimon TamersDigimon Season 32001–2002 Japanese DVD2MP410‑bit H.264AC‑3None
デジモンフロンティアDigimon FrontierDigimon Season 42002–2003 Japanese DVD2MP410‑bit H.264AC‑3None
Original TitleTranslated TitleOfficial English TitleSourceContainerVideoAudioSubtitles
デジモンテイマーズDigimon TamersDigimon Season 32001–2002 Japanese DVD2,
2013 New Video Group DVD
Matroska10‑bit H.264
(2 editions)
AC‑3 (Japanese),
AC‑3 (English)
English (homogenized The Wild Bunch and PLSP)
ふたりはプリキュア Splash★StarThe Two Are Precure: Splash★StarJapanese DVDMatroska10‑bit H.264AC‑3English (edited PCSS)

1 For most episodes, I only have rips of the American DVDs. They’re still considerably better than the video in AnimeYoshi’s fansubs. In fact, I should check Tamashii’s and Exiled-Destiny’s releases.

2 I’ve heard rumours of the 2007 box set having a higher video (and lower audio) quality, but I only have rips of the original individually-released DVDs.

Or maybe H.265. Who knows how good its implementations will be when I actually bother to do stuff.

Or maybe English or even more. If so, the container will be Matroska.

Hint: no files for any anime have been released yet. Work on some files (and some anime) is ongoing, and work on some others has not even started. Treat this list as a plan rather than a promise.

Some information about the release process and current status is available, but it is written exclusively for my own use, so exercise caution.

I even have an IRC channel: #chortos on the Rizon network. Other ways to contact me are listed on my personal home page.

Select Questions and Answers

Nobody has had the opportunity to ask any questions yet, so surely FAQ cannot exist.

Are you actually working on any of this?
Most of the time, no. But occasionally there are bursts of Digimon Tamers work.
What do you consider to be crappy video?
Badly inverse-telecined video with combing, bobbing, aliasing or jerking. Badly encoded video with blocking or considerable detail loss. Badly filtered video with post-processing artefacts or (again) considerable detail loss. Probably more.
Why MP4?
Because, unlike Matroska, it can represent non-decimal fractional frame rates exactly.
Why Matroska?
Because it can contain ASS subtitles and multiple editions.
Why AC‑3?
Because the source is AC‑3 and lossily reëncoding sources that are already lossily encoded is bad, while reëncoding AC‑3 with lossless codecs only results in bigger files. I do release lossily reëncoded video because there is a need to reduce file size that cannot be satisfied in any other way, but this is not the case with audio. In fact, I intend to release versions with losslessly encoded video too!
Why WavPack 4?
Because it compresses better than any other lossless audio codec supported by Matroska.
Why creditful openings and endings?
Because the credits are part of the episode too. Yes, I do actually find them useful and interesting when I watch anime. I’d love to make them softsubbed though! But for that to happen, someone needs to find or recreate the font.
But you can just go to AniDB or MAL or ANN and look up whatever you want there.
This can be less convenient, and they often have less information than is given in the credits. Besides, for information to appear there, somebody must add it first. Where will anyone get information to add if all encodes exclude the credits?
Why Kamichu! and Digimon Adventure BDs? Aren’t they upscales?
Sure. But they’re still better on average (although not always) than what you’ll get by upscaling the DVDs in your media player. Do tell me if you can consistently beat them; I’ll be genuinely happy to hear how.