New Upgrades


This is a mirror of the year 2005 version of the New Upgrades patch. Here they are:

  1. The New Upgrades patch (ENG)
  2. Patch ‘Nowe Ulepszenia’ (PL)
  3. Patch Manual (ENG)
  4. Images of the original creatures used as new upgrades with new background images (e. g. Castle background for Nomads, Inferno background for Werewolves and Fortress background for Rogues). Install this after you install the patch itself!
  5. Changed looks for Blood Dragon, Diamond Dragon, Lord of Thunder and Gorynych (included in the patch)
  6. Changed looks for other level 8 creatures


The installation is simple. Download the appropriate files and move them into the UPDATE folder inside your root Heroes of Might and Magic directory, e. g. C:\Games\Heroes3\UPDATE, and run the update tool (either from your start menu or directly by running H3wUpd.exe which is located in the root HoMM directory).

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